Called to Spread the Good News!

I have reached that point in my life again where my hunger and thirst for God is overwhelming. I am feeling called more than ever to spread the good news of the gospel.

For a while, I took some steps back and slowed down on my journey to learn who God is.

I think it was just all the typical excuses…work, family, friends, just being busy in general. But I have been praying a lot lately for God to rekindle my heart for Him.

And lately, my hunger and thirst for Him have been exploding. I love being on fire for God.

“If anyone thirsts, let him come to me, and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water”

John 7:37-38

It’s Your Calling to Share the Good News

I feel consumed by the desire to learn more about Him and this life that He has created around us. I’m obsessed with knowing the truth and excited about sharing the good news about the truth with whoever would be willing to listen.

But a big question on my mind in recent months has been “What in the world am I supposed to do with my life?” What is my calling?” It’s been a question on my heart for years, honestly. I think a lot of people can relate to this.

A few months ago, I was speaking with my little brother, who is totally on fire for God right now. And he said something that I just knew was God speaking through him.

He said (paraphrasing here) if anyone has the question on their heart of what they’re called to do, it’s to spread the gospel. We are all called to spread God’s truth. He asked me, do you have a talent? Use it to evangelize.

As soon as he spoke those words, I felt the Spirit say, there is your answer. I didn’t tell my brother this at the time (which I have since then). But God is amazing with how he answers us.

So long story short, here I am, using what I love to do, which is write, to tell the world about the good news. Even if I only touch one person, that’s good enough. And that’s worth it.

Because just one soul touched is potentially one less soul to enter eternal suffering. Just one soul saved can touch hundreds of others and create a ripple effect that touches thousands! We never know who our words reach, or how they touch people.

Is everyone called to spread God’s message? Yes! That’s a big fat YES! It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in your walk. If you have knowledge that can save someone, you are required to share it!

Sharing the Gospel Looks Different for Each Person

Sharing the good news may look differently for each person.

Me, for example, I plan to use this blog as my way of reaching people. But maybe you’re an artist. Draw for God! Maybe you’re a musician. Sing for God! Maybe you’re an architect. Build for God! Maybe you’re a teacher. Teach for God! Maybe you’re a doctor. Heal for God!

In everything that we do, we can find a way to spread the message. We don’t have to have a huge platform with millions of followers. We can literally have an audience of one. Spread the good news to that one person!

I have struggled with confidently sharing my faith most of my life if, I’m honest. Like most people, I don’t like to push my religion on anyone. I don’t want to offend anyone. I don’t want to look or sound crazy. So I keep God’s truth bottled up like a secret that’s only meant for me.

But God died to save us all, not just me! And it’s my job to share that.

Being an extreme introvert has made it difficult to do this. Which is one of the reasons I am so grateful for the opportunity to share through writing.

These days, there are so many unique ways to share the gospel that people really don’t have an excuse anymore. Find a way to spread God’s message that works for you, but make it happen.

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

I think we also must keep in mind that God didn’t call us to stay in our comfort zones.

We must be bold for Christ. Sharing the gospel does not come naturally for me because I am naturally a quiet person. I keep to myself, and certain situations make me shy and pull back in my shell.

But I plan to make every effort to “do it afraid”, as Joyce Meyer says in her book “Living Courageously: You Can Face Anything, Just Do it Afraid“.

Ask for God’s guidance and courage, pray for Him to give me the words and to do what has been asked of me.

I thirst for my Creator, so I come to him to drink. And because I believe in Him, as the Scripture says, out of my heart will flow rivers of living water. I pray that the words that I share with you in this blog overflow with spiritual life and truth so that we can grow in our relationship with God together.

So if you have been burning to know God’s calling on your life, here is the answer. You are called to spread the good news.

In what way will God have you do this? Well, that’s where prayer comes in. Let us pray for spiritual boldness and the strength to withstand the challenges that threaten to break us.

God Bless

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5 thoughts on “Called to Spread the Good News!”

  1. Wow love this blog! God is truly amazing. Yes, we are called out of our comfort zone in order to walk into our purpose. With God, we go from level to higher level. From Glory to Glory! We keep moving and trusting God to lead. Thank you so much for strong out of your comfort zone and sharing what God places on your heart as well as His Word♥️ God has you and we need to hear the God in you!!! Be blessed.


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