40 Things to Pray For When You Don’t Know What to Pray

Prayer has always been a regular part of my life. I’ve not always been super consistent with how frequently I pray in a day or in a week. But it’s never been lost on me that prayer is essential to building a relationship with God.

These days, I am working hard to make daily prayer a habit. But I have to admit, some days I get down on my knees, close my eyes, and nothing comes. And I realize…I don’t know what to pray for!

Listen to your servant’s prayer and his petition, Lord my God, so that you may hear the cry and the prayer that your servant prays before you today ~ 1 Kings 8:28

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I Don’t Know What to Pray For!

Do you ever get before God and just have nothing? You have no idea what to pray, at least nothing that you haven’t already prayed a zillion times before. You start sounding like a broken record, repeating the same insincere prayer over and over again.

Well, I’ve been there!

And it seems so silly. Of course, there are plenty of things to pray for and about! But sometimes, you just can’t think of anything in the moment that seems important enough. Does this sound like you?

Or maybe your prayers are simple, juvenile even, and you’re ready for your prayers to be deep and impactful, making a real difference. In the book Dangerous Prayers: Because Following Jesus Was Never Meant to be Safe, the author says that most of us pray too safe. I know I’m guilty of this.

We pray for comfort and safety, but never anything that’s actually going to cause devils to flee and lives to be saved. The author then challenges us to upgrade our prayer lives by being braver and less selfish with our prayers.

I think most of us need that kind of encouragement. To be brave in our prayer lives and pray big things to a big God.

A prayer journal can definitely help us stay on track with praying daily. But sometimes even the best prayer journals can be challenging to keep up with when life gets busy. And sometimes you just need a quick list of meaningful things to pray for and about.

So, I don’t know about you, but I aim to have a meaningful, rich prayer life with powerful prayers that move mountains. But sometimes I need a little reminder of the things that are important to pray for.

Below is a quick list of 40 topics to pray for when you just can’t think of anything. But if you’re looking for a guided prayer plan, I’ve created a 15-week prayer plan to help you with prayer ideas and staying on track with praying. You can click HERE if you’re interested in learning more.

15-week prayer guide. Click HERE to learn more.

40 Things to Pray For

  1. Growth in the Fruit of the Spirit
  2. Courage and boldness in Christ
  3. Your spouse’s spiritual growth
  4. To be a good, faithful marriage partner
  5. A Christ-centered marriage
  6. To hear God clearly
  7. Obedience
  8. Strength
  9. Understanding God’s Word
  10. Spiritual wisdom
  11. Spiritual awareness
  12. Dream Interpretation
  13. Love for God
  14. Love for people
  15. A clean heart
  16. Family and friends (health, protection, joy, etc.)
  17. Sick loved ones
  18. The nation
  19. Protection from the enemy
  20. God’s calling on your life
  21. Your children’s faith in God
  22. Your children’s future spouses
  23. For Nonbelievers to find Truth
  24. To feel God’s presence
  25. God’s will
  26. Financial wisdom
  27. Healing
  28. For any distractions to be removed
  29. The strength to forgive
  30. For lukewarm Christians to fully commit to Jesus
  31. Stronger faith
  32. Humbleness
  33. A prayer-filled life
  34. Restoration
  35. Justice
  36. Full revelation of His love
  37. Full revelation of His mercy
  38. To witness God’s glory
  39. For unconfessed sins to be revealed
  40. Our world leaders

I sincerely hope this list helps to enrichen your prayer life. And this list is by no means exhaustive! There are plenty of things that we can pray for in Jesus’ name, given that it’s in line with His will of course.

If you feel that you need guidance on what to pray for, you can always go to God directly with your concern. Ask Him to place on your heart what it is He wants you to pray for.

What things do you pray for on a daily basis?


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40 things to pray for list

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