Stories of Women in the Bible with The Delilah Box

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Consuming more faith-based entertainment is my thing right now. And that includes being on the hunt for more good books that are wholesome, clean, but at the same time fun to read!

Lately I’ve mostly been reading nonfiction Christian books, with a heavy focus on Christian apologetics. But I’m a fiction girl at heart, growing up reading all the classic favorites from “The Secret Garden” as a girl to “Pride and Prejudice” as a young adult.

So, every now and then, I like to take a break from the nonfiction world to read something a little on the lighter side. And that is why I was very pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon The Delilah Box by Grace and Delilah.

The Delilah Box

What is The Delilah Box?

The Delilah box is a unique faith-based subscription box that includes Christian novels that highlight and expand upon the stories of the lesser known and lesser liked women of the Bible.

I actually purposely went on a hunt for a good Christian subscription box that I could indulge in. But I wasn’t expecting to find this little gem; a subscription service centered around such a unique concept.

The Delilah Box is such a creative way to bring Christian women books that offer a glimpse into the potential lives of the women that lived during Biblical times. Through these books, we get to imagine what these women might have been experiencing, and perhaps even develop a greater appreciation and understanding for their struggles.

I love that this subscription service takes away the guesswork involved with searching for a new title to read, especially in this genre. The books are selected for you and mailed right to your doorstep. And all you have to do is open the pretty little box (or bag), and dive in!

What’s Inside The Delilah Box?

What’s inside this precious little box? Well, I’m so glad you asked!

When you receive your package in the mail, expect to receive either a beautiful decorative box or a hand-sewn drawstring bag. The creator of The Delilah Box sews each bag herself every month for her customers.

Talk about dedication! I absolutely love it.

Now, the main attraction of these packages is its books. Let’s talk about those first. In the August box, I received three books, although typically each box features only two books: one biblical fiction novel and one non-fiction title (a light read or a Bible study).

Here are the three books I received in my August 2020 box:

(1) “Falling Free: Rescued from the Life I Always Wanted” by Shannan Martin (this is the nonfiction book).

This book is about Martin, the author, and her family. They enjoyed their comfortable lifestyle but then the bottom fell out. Suddenly they were living on a shoestring while her husband worked in prison ministry. Chronicling their journey from a me-centric to a less-is-more existence, she challenges you to rethink assumptions about faith and the “good life”—and be open to God’s upside-down best.

(2) “Claudia: Wife of Pontius Pilate” by Diana Wallis Taylor (Fiction Christian novel)

This book is about Claudia, the young woman who becomes the wife of Pontius Pilate. When Pilate is appointed Prefect of the troublesome territory of Judea, Claudia makes the best of it. But unrest is brewing on the outskirts of the Roman Empire, and Claudia will soon find herself and her beloved husband embroiled in controversy and rebellion.

(3) “Journey to the Well” by Diana Wallis Taylor (Fiction Christian novel)

This books is about the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well. Marah is a girl of thirteen when her life is set on a path that will eventually lead her to a life-changing encounter with the Messiah. But before that momentous meeting she must traverse through times of love lost and found, cruel and manipulative men, and gossiping women.

Wait…There is More!

Now, although the books are the main attraction, there are also some other goodies that come inside the box. From pens and highlighters to compliment your new books, to specialty lip balms and fragrance sachets, you can tell that major TLC goes into preparing each package.

Here is the list of additional items in my August box:

  • Passion Fruit Fragrance Sachet
  • Mint Lip Balm by Beauty Concepts
  • An eyeglass pouch
  • Floral drawstring bag
  • Black pen
  • Highlighter
  • Grace and Delilah welcome pamphlets
  • Grace and Delilah notepad
  • Post card

More Details Please + Special Offer!

So, if The Delilah Box is right up your alley, you can sign-up to purchase your first box by clicking HERE!

Use the discount code HUMBLE to receive 15% off your purchase!

For more information about The Delilah Box, you can visit I highly recommend you check out the website. They sell other items like candles, soaps, teas, and jewelry.

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