Apologetics Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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The holidays are almost here. And with it comes the search for the perfect gift for friends and family. I absolutely love the holiday season, and Christmas is my favorite holiday. The holidays bring families together and reminds us to be grateful for what we have and who we have in our lives.

However, holiday shopping can be so stressful. Fun…but stressful. Especially when it comes to those people in your life you just struggle to find the right gift for every year!

So, I was thinking one day, gift giving is fun and we all love to bring joy to our loved ones this way. But, when we think about the reason we celebrate Christmas, it’s to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is what we celebrate and give thanks for. Because the work that God did on the cross, we are now covered by the blood of Christ, who intercedes for us, and we will live everlasting lives with God in the next life.

The gift of salvation is hands down the best gift ever given. So, there is no gift that can top that gift, period.

However, the next best thing we can do as Christians is spread the news of that gift to others. In this post, I want to share six unique Christian gift ideas (all centered around Apologetics) that you can get for the loved one in your life.

Apologetics: A Christian Gift of Stronger Faith

I remember one year, I found out that an older relative of mine was struggling to read the Bible, like physically read it. So, for Christmas, I bought her the books of the Bible on audio. I felt like doing that was more important than buying her a new scarf or giving her a gift card.

And I think that, while giving leisurely gifts is fine, wouldn’t it be powerful if Christians started using the power of giving to give gifts that point people to Christ? Or a gift to strengthen someone’s faith?

There are tons of really good Christian gift ideas floating around the internet. But what about giving the gift of stronger faith through Apologetics?

Apologetics is the discipline of defending the Christian faith, to put it simply. You can read more about what apologetics is here. But learning apologetics can help us better argue for the validity of the Bible, defend the reasons we believe, present reasonable evidence, and provide competent answers for our beliefs.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Christians who can’t tell you what or why they believe. And when confronted with real arguments to their faith, because of their weak foundation, they crumble. They fail to give a convincible answer, which not only can harm that individual’s faith, but lead the confronter even further away from the Truth.

And I’m speaking from experience, so this isn’t to point fingers. I’ve been in that place where I’ve been confronted with some tough questions, and I simply did not know how to respond. And that’s why I am learning apologetics.

Every Christian should know why they believe and be able to give a reason for their faith. The Bible tells us this.

But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,

~ 1 Peter 3:15

So, during this holiday season, why not consider giving the gift of stronger faith and bless others with tools to do the same.

6 Christian Gift Ideas, Apologetics Style

Below are 6 Christian Apologetics gift ideas you can give for the holiday season. Give the gift of stronger faith.

  1. The Apologetics Study Bible

The Apologetics Study Bible is a gem that I stumbled upon when I was first introduced to apologetics. This Bible has amazing articles and commentary from top apologists scattered throughout the book.

In these special sections, these scholars dive into scripture from a different angle, offering answers and dialogue on some of the tough questions that other Bibles don’t touch on. Some example articles include: 

  • “What is Apologetics” by Kenneth D. Boa
  • “Are the Days of Genesis to Be Interpreted Literally?” by Ted Cabal
  • “Evolution: Fact or Fantasy” by Phillip E. Johnson
  • “Can Biblical Chronology Be Trusted” by E. Ray Clendenen
  • “Can God’s Actions be Detected Scientifically” by C. John Collins

And this is only a handful of what is available in this Bible. You can read my review of The Apologetics Bible here.

2. Christian subscription boxes focused on defending faith

There are tons of Christian subscription box options available, which is something I just recently discovered. You can check out my post listing a few of the ones under $20 here.

A subscription box or service could be a great and unique gift to give to someone. You could even sign up for one yourself, and pick items out of the box to give away.

One box that stood out to me in my search (which I have not tried yet) is the Faith on Fire subscription box. It’s described as a “A monthly box created to fire up your faith and encourage you to share your testimony with others”. This could be a great gift for someone in need of a little boost to their faith. You can learn more here.

Image taken from cratejoy.com

And don’t forget there are tons of other Christ-centered subscription boxes as well that might be a great gift. You can check some of them out here.

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3. Apologetics books

If you’ve read a good Apologetics book that has helped strengthen your own faith, why not share that with someone else? Or maybe you’ve heard about a book that really helps to answer the difficult faith-questions. Why not give that as a gift to someone who might be seeking some answers.

Some books I would recommend are:

But don’t just stop at this list. There are so many really good books out there. Christianbooks.com has a pretty good selection of Apologetics titles. You can see their list here.

4. The “God’s Not Dead” movies

If you haven’t seen the two “God’s Not Dead” films, I would highly recommend them. I’ll admit, most Christian movies that I have seen over the years are super cheesy and just not realistic. But I think these films do a much better job of being more real and relatable.

The film is about a Christian college student who challenges his nonbelieving college professor about the existence of God. This story could not be more relevant today as many of our children are entering college Christians and leaving as nonbelievers.

5. Tickets to an apologetics conference

This idea popped in my head randomly, and I think it might be my favorite of all the Christian gift ideas! You could buy someone tickets to a Christian Apologetics conference. What a great opportunity to learn and meet others also interested in learning to better defend their faith!

A conference I can’t wait to attend is the Women in Apologetics conference. I believe the 2021 conference will be virtual due to Covid-19. But the dates are January 21 – 23. Get more information here.

6. Pay for an Apologetics course

And lastly, if you want to do something big, you could pay for a loved one to take an Apologetics course. (I change my mind, I think this might be my favorite gift idea). Maybe you have a sister, brother, or an adult child who seems to be pulling away from the faith. Well, why not pay for a course that can strengthen their faith?

Biola University has an online, self-paced Apologetics certificate program that I think is reasonably priced. This course could be just what someone needs to open their eyes to a new way of understanding their faith and keep them on strong ground.

I also stumbled across BiblicalTraining.org. This is such an AMAZING resource of free Bible courses. And as of right now, they have nine courses covering Apologetics topics. I highly recommend that you check out the site. You can take most of their courses for free. But there is also a certificate/diploma option, which costs. But essentially you take a series of courses in a particular program, and you conclude the course with a certificate!

BiblicalTraining.org provides a comprehensive biblical education from world-class professors to encourage spiritual growth in the church.


And that’s it! I hope these Christian gift ideas were helpful, or at the very least got your wheels turning. What unique gifts will you be giving for Christmas this year?

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