How to Find Other Women in Apologetics

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If you’ve studied or researched apologetics at all, it’s no secret that women have been somewhat absent in this arena historically. But if you do a Google search today, you will find a few more female faces popping up under this branch of study.

Women are definitely starting to show up a lot more in apologetics circles. However, you still won’t find an abundance of women leading or even participating in this subject matter.

Apologetics for a long time has been mostly male-dominated. And we could dive into the many reasons why this might be.

Maybe the restrictive roles placed on women in our society has a part to play in this. Women are still fighting to find a place at the table in many industries. I’m guessing apologetics is no different.

Or maybe it’s just because women don’t find apologetics to be as interesting as men do.

In any case, women’s interest in apologetics is on the rise, and we should all be excited about this.

“Women in Apologetics” Resources to Get You Started

If you don’t know what apologetics is, in its simplest form, it’s the art and science of defending the Christian faith. It’s learning how to use evidence and reason to make a strong case for the truth of the gospels. I write more about what apologetic is here.

When I first started researching ways to defend my faith, apologetics was not one of my keywords. I stumbled upon apologetics by accident. And I quickly fell in love with it.

But then I was a little disappointed to find that there weren’t very many women leading the conversation. Or in the conversation at all, really.

I was missing a woman’s perspective on the topic. And I wasn’t understanding why more women weren’t more interested!

So, because I remember how frustrating it was not being able to find other women in apologetics, I want to share five great resources that I have found along the way.


These five resources were created by and for women and have been extremely helpful in my journey to learn more about apologetics. I highly encourage you to check out each and every one of them.

8 Ways to Find Other Women in Apologetics

Okay, so you’ve done your research, and you’re ready to dive into the world of apologetics. And maybe you’re looking to connect with other likeminded ladies who are interested in the topic. Or just find other women putting out apologetics content to help you on your new journey.

But with so few apologetics resources created by women or focused on women, where else can you go to find other girls who want to defend their faith as you do?

Well, below is a list 8 ways you can find other women in apologetics. I hope this helps you get started!

1. Follow social accounts of popular apologists, male or female, and check out their followers.

A good way to find other women interested in apologetics is to follow apologetics social accounts. It doesn’t matter what platform; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

You could start by looking up accounts that are specifically for women in apologetics. For example, Alisa Childers has an Instagram account (here) and she also runs a YouTube channel (here).

Then, look at who is following those accounts and follow the cookie trail. You never know who you might find or where you might end up.

And don’t stop there! You could do this with any apologetics account, it doesn’t have to be female-led. Look at the women following those accounts and reach out or just see what other accounts they follow to get more ideas.

2. Ask around in your circle of Christian friends.

This is an obvious one, but most of us probably don’t think to do it. Mainly because apologetics, although it’s making its way up in the world, is still not often discussed in churches, and Christians just don’t know what it is.

But ask your friends if they are interested in learning more about apologetics, or if they know of any resources you could look into. You might be pleasantly surprised. Plus, you might be the one to introduce apologetics to your peeps, and they might be like “That’s exactly what I’ve looking for! I just didn’t know it had a name!”

3. Look at the comments of posts written on apologetics blogs and websites.

If you know of any good websites or blogs that touch on apologetics, you could check out the comments on their posts. See if there are any likeminded women commenting on important apologetics topics.

You might be able to click on their names and be redirected to their blog or website. Check out their content and see if it interests you. Even if their content is not directly apologetics related, you might stumble upon another good Christian website to use as a resource!

4. Attend an apologetics conference or event and link up with the other women there.

Find an apologetics conference and connect with the other ladies you meet there. Women in Apologetics hosts an annual apologetics conference for women, which I am very much looking forward to attending this year. And in 2020 they even included a kid’s segment where children could learn about apologetics too! How amazing is that! This would be a great space for you to connect with other women.

5. Try using other search terms.

As we’ve talked about, people still look at you crazy when you say the word apologetics. It’s still a growing category within the Christian culture. So there may be women online or locally who are “doing” apologetics, but categorize themselves under a different keyword.

Try using different search terms. Switch up the keywords and see what you find. For example, try keywords like “women defending Christianity” or “women defending faith”.  

6. Take some courses in apologetics.

Taking an apologetics course is another great way to find others interested in apologetics. It can be a college-level course or a free online course. Try to find a course that has a group discussion element to it. That way you can connect with some of the other women in the course. offers a few free introductory apologetics courses. The courses are self-paced. But there is an option to enroll and join an existing group.

7. Follow Christian apparel companies with bold statements on their clothing.

There are tons of Christian apparel businesses popping up left and right. And a lot of the apparel is bold and unapologetic! Check out those businesses’ social accounts and see what they are doing in the community, who they are connected with, and who is following their account. This is not a direct track to apologetics, but it’s a unique route that might help you find what you’re looking for.

8. Start something yourself and see who joins!

And lastly, if what you’re looking for just doesn’t exist, you could start it yourself. That is actually how Girl Talk Apologetics was started. One of the co-founders realized there was a need and created it herself with the help of other interested women.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are quite a few ways you can find other women in apologetics. You just have to be a bit creative with your search.

Both genders should be represented at the apologetics table because each side has a little something different to offer. And I’m excited to see so many women starting to join this conversation.

How did you discover apologetics?

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