18 Quick Answers About the Bible’s Origin

What is the origin of the Bible? That is a question most of us have asked at some point along our Christian journey. But Bible history can be complicated and overwhelming to follow. And because of the complex nature of how we got the Christian Bible, there is often not a simple, clear-cut answer to … Read more

How to Be a Good Christian Mother

Most mothers want to be the best mom they can possibly be for their kids. But what does that look like from a Christian perspective? I mean of course, there are the standard things, right? Be supportive, love them, be present, comfort them, etc.  But as followers of Christ, there is another element. Our motherhood … Read more

5 Challenging Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Faith

Asking hard questions about our faith is not only an okay thing to do, it’s crucial to our Christian growth. If we don’t ask questions and seek answers, we become susceptible to accepting any teaching that’s presented to us as “Christian”. In this post, I’m going to list five challenging questions we can ask ourselves … Read more

Are You Worried About Your Kid’s Salvation?

Do you ever wonder how to stop worrying about your child?  Since becoming a mother two-and-a-half years ago, I now know exactly how it feels to worry all the time. As moms, we have this strange ability to imagine the worst heart-wrenching ways our children can get hurt. It’s almost like we torture ourselves with … Read more